About Us

The Institute for the Advancement of Metatemporal Education and Research (IAMER) is an advisory committee to several supranational leadership organizations. We aid in the development of more effective socioeconomic policy by making recommendations based upon our empirical metatemporal research, which is conducted in a variety of different time periods. We will be installing the IAMER Field Museum—part of our Public Education & Outreach division—in the Midwestern United States, circa 2008.

The Field Museum

While many of IAMER's resources are put toward the practice of metatemporal research, The Field Museum's mission is equal parts data collection and public outreach. We believe that it is important not only to gather information from other time periods, but also to educate and interact with the members of that chronological background.

Metatemporal Research

Since the advent of human controlled time-travel, the practice of metatemporal research has not only changed the fields of cliodynamics, cliometrics, and comparative history, but it has also greatly changed the everyday lives of humans. While these fields were once limited by their chronological positions, metatemporal research gives scientists the ability to gather previously unavailable data. This research has resulted in a more comprehensive understanding of the cycles of human history, and allowed world leaders to make better informed decisions.

One of IAMER's major responsibilities is training and approving candidates for metatemporal research. Because of the potential dangers inherent in time travel, only the most skilled and capable researchers are ultimately sent on metatemporal field missions. Part of the metatemporal researcher's responsibility is limiting the amount of information disclosed about other time periods. We would ask that you respect this responsibility and not press the Field Museum's staff with questions concerning their native chronological background.

Who We Are

The Field Museum is staffed by experts in the field of metatemporal research. Its employees are experienced in cross-chronological data collection, and are top theorists in their respective specializations.

Andrew M. Dayton
Cliometric Analyst & Metatemporal Research Associate
Erin Fenton
Cliodynamic Specialist & Metatemporal Historian